I-YOGA® : Interoceptive Yoga®


Using the 5 well-known sense organs – eyes, ears, nose, skin and tongue – we are able to perceive the world exterior to ourselves. This is called exteroception and humans tend to understand this process well.

However we also have pathways to our brains that enable us to sense processes occurring inside our bodies. This hidden sense is called interoception. Interoception is the ability to perceive our internal physiological processes. The problem is that although all humans have the neural networks to support this ability, many of us don’t know how to use it.

Research shows that poor interoceptive awareness is linked to body dissatisfaction disorders, eating disorders including overeating and emotional irregularities. Heightened interoception is linked to better decision making, higher emotional intelligence and a greater sense of wellbeing.

Fusing classical hatha yoga with the neurophysiology of interoception, I-Yoga or Interoceptive Yoga enables you to improve your interoceptive ability – giving you a greater sense of wellbeing. I-Yoga classes are suitable for all levels – beginners to advanced.


Developed by Dr Nitasha Buldeo an Integrative Health Practitioner and Human Performance Scientist, passionate about natural and sustainable wellbeing. She evaluates ancient practices as well as modern therapeutic modalities using biometrics. Interoceptive Yoga or I-YOGA is based on her research findings.

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