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I-YOGA® : Interoceptive Yoga®


Using the 5 well-known sense organs - eyes, ears, nose, skin and tongue – we are able to perceive the world exterior to ourselves. This is called exteroception and humans tend to understand this process well.

However we also have pathways to our brains that enable us to sense processes occurring inside our bodies. This hidden sense is called interoception. Interoception is the ability to perceive our internal physiological processes. The problem is that although all humans have the neural networks to support this ability, many of us don’t know how to use it.



Yoga is the practice of quieting the mind.

By admin | April 27, 2018

The night of transformation

From sunset on the eve of 24 January 2017 Hindu’s across the globe will celebrate Maha Shivratri, a night-long hypnotic-spiritual celebration to honour the deity Shiva.

By admin | April 26, 2018

Is yoga better than regular gym exercise?

A study that compared yoga practice to conventional exercise over a 6-month period – found that the yoga significantly improved anxiety, depression,

By admin | April 25, 2018

Classical hatha yoga vs modern yoga

Classical Hatha Yoga can be traced back to ancient Indus valley and Sumerian seals dating from over 4500 years ago.

Our Customers Say's


Yoga is the practice of quieting the mind.

I deeply appreciate the manner in which Nitasha designs her classes. For me each class is a form of Yoga poetry. When I leave her classes, I feel spiritually polished – as though I have experienced a deep form of prayer.
Nitasha begins her classes by drawing attention inward, to a pure space from which a student can set intention. From her she weaves her Yogic wisdom to encourage mindfulness as she slowly awakens the body through Yoga postures.
Her classes are both subtle and rigorous. Nitasha trusts the ancient wisdom of Yoga and can lead other with grace into a powerful space that allows mind, body and spirit to come into true alignment.
From the very first class I have enjoyed Nitasha’s enthusiasm, patience, love of yoga and her demeanour. She makes everyone feel welcome and comfortable. I have taken Yoga at a number of places and with many different instructors. None was as skilled or as sensitive to individual needs as Nitasha has been.


My 13 year old son with an aversion to needles.. Yet his first appointment with Nitasha was a pleasant experience. She made him feel at ease and explained everything to us both. She then gave him advice on how to move forward to improve his own health.
Thank you Nitasha

J Johal

Since my wife and I started to attend Nitasha’s therapy sessions we have seen some wonderful improvements in our lives. We feel enriched by her extensive knowledge in Ayurvedic therapies and medicine. We enjoy our visits to Nitasha despite having to travel a considerable distance as we see Nitasha as not only our consultant but a good friend.

T Daol

I have had dermatitis with severe sun sensitivity. This caused considerable discolouration of the skin on my face. I was so happy with Nitasha’s treatment as I saw the difference after just one treatment. I am looking forward to my next appointment. Thank you Nitasha

S Sidhu

My 7 year old son has been seeing Nitasha for almost a year. He has had allergies. Since starting his program with Nitasha, I have seen great improvement. After every appointment, he comes home feeling even better and looks forward to his next consultation. Nitasha creates such a warm environment and ensures that my son understands what she is doing for him and what he can do to improve his own health. I am grateful for what she has done and would highly recommend her for anyone seeking assistance with allergies and eczema.

B Takhi

I am a satisfied patient of Nitasha Buldeo.
Her depth of knowledge about the many facets of modern medicine, which in my opinion includes diet, Western and Eastern methods of healing and the union of them, makes her the profound healer that she is.
This broad and open outlook also makes her innovative and sympathetic, a good custodian of the environment and a lover of all life.

Anne Kahn

Allow your breath to ripple down and penetrate every corner of your body and mind. Then take the time to look into your mind, body and soul. That is what Nitasha’s yoga classes have taught me.
Her classes are a journey of self discovery. One that enables you to improve your body, mind and soul while increasing your energy levels. Her classes teach you how to breathe and how to use breath to deepen postures (asana’s). Then, even if it’s only for a moment, you may forget the outside world and realise that you have just taken that moment to look into yourself and begin to heal.

Graziella Altieri

Highly recommend Dr Nitasha Buldeo, if I wasn’t so practical I’d say she is a miracle worker.
I have had pain in my left foot for the past 3 year. After having made numerous trips to the doctors, hospitals, and various specialist clinics for scans and ultra sounds, I been given be-spoke insoles yet the pain was still there.
I lost confidence in the professionals because the pain became progressively worse. I also experienced pins and needles and numbness in the foot and lower leg and had a swollen left ankle.
In April a friend asked if I had ever tried acupuncture, and then recommend that I make an appointment with Nitasha. I was so desperate at this point so I did.
At the initial consultation, I was amazed that Nitasha understood where my pain was and its possible cause. She also figured that I have pain in knees which I have had for years with no x-ray has having being able assist with a diagnosis.
My faith was being restored, her energy was remarkable and she listened to everything I said. She even showed me a picture of how our feet work to help me understand what caused my pain. After my first session, everything was happened as she predicted. I have just had my second session and her professionalism was the same again.
I can’t wait to be pain free – it’s happening.

L Kaur, UK

For over a decade now, Dr. Nitasha Buldeo has been the first port of call for our family. An extremely intelligent and thorough professional, with excellent training and insight into people. We have implicit trust in her and her judgment. Our family regularly goes to her for acupuncture and homeopathy, both fields in which she is highly skilled. Although a number of us no longer live in the UK, we make it a point to see Nitasha every time we are back. We would strongly recommend her.

Thank you Nitasha – we are grateful to you for all your help and support over the years.

SB, India

I was referred to Dr. Buldeo by my dentist after suffering severe facial pain. This was after four years of conventional medical investigation which had proved ineffective.
I have always found Dr. Buldeo very approachable and any questions have been answered with patience and confidence. If only NHS mainstream doctors took time to explain the problem, as well as she does, then many people would be helped to recover quicker. The results I have experience, with Dr. Buldeo help, have been amazing. I am now totally drug free and nearly totally pain free. I cannot thank her enough.
Shelagh Kitchin, Bedford.

Shelagh, Bedford

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