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When our bodies are functioning well and we are painfree, we are able to live fully and create value in the world. On the contrary, when we are in pain or our bodies feel weak, it becomes difficult to do the things we love. But we can help. Performance Health & Wellbeing are closely linked. Using a combination of acupuncture, nutritional medicine and yoga therapy we get get you pain free and achieving exceptional human performance.  


Your brain has all the processing power you need to achieve the highest human performance. But, the brain is the hardware and your mind is the software that controls its operation. For wellbeing we need to ensure that both your brain and mind are nourished, relaxed and appropriately trained. We specialise in performance health. Using a combination of neuroscience, psychology, psychotherapy, meditation & yoga we train the brain and mind to function to its fullest.

Emotional Wellbeing & Performance Health

Emotional health is important. People who are emotionally healthy are in control of their thoughts, feelings and behaviuors. They keep problems in perspective and bounce back from setbacks. They feel good about themselves and have good relationships. They are able to cope with life’s challenges and lead successful and fulfilling lives. We train our clients to use various creative, meditation and relaxation techniques to achieve emotional wellbeing and achieve exceptional human performance. 

Dr nitasha buldeo


Dr Nitasha Buldeo is an Integrated Medical Practitioner, Research Scientist, Yogi and Entrepreneur. She founded I-Yoga & Organic Apoteke and directs the Centre for Exceptional Human Performance. She researches human potential and delivers programs that encourage you to live exceptionally. She is passionate about health and wellbeing. Nitasha believes that every one of us is a genius.  Her intention is to enable you to unlock your personal genius. 


Dr Nitasha Buldeo is passionate about human development. From childhood she has been fascinated with human performance and how the body works.  She spent most of her life studying and researching methods that improves the function of the human body. From skin physiology to the neuroscience of interoception, acupuncture, nutritional medicine, ayurveda, western medicine, yoga, meditation and shamanic healing - Nitasha has studied it all. And with every new learning, her fascination with the human body grows. From her studies she developed natural wellbeing and performance health programs that are safe and effective. She would be honoured for the opportunity to work with you and discover your bodies abilities. 


Superhuman abilities are just enhanced human performance that exceed our expectations. Human enhancement or Transhumanism includes strategies to temporarily or permanently overcome current human limitations. Human enhancement may be artificially achieved through the use of technology like google glasses or naturally achieved with performance health.  Performance health  involves training the human body and mind to increase perception, endurance, stamina, strength and speed. Nitasha is committed to enhancing human performance and wellbeing naturally.

Dr Nitasha Buldeo

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